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Medium Towers
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Customization is as easy as picking option A, B or C.

stage sel
16:9 Turn Key Stage Kit-A
White Fabric Backdrop
16:9 Turn Key Stage Kit-B
Textured/3D Mosaic Backdrop
16:9 Turn Key Stage Kit-C
Mosaic Backdrop
stage a
Turnkey Stage Kit - A
Less is more. 
Turnkey Staging Kits deliver simplicity to the process that can potentially take up a lot of time and effort, namely stage design.
820"L x 40" D x 276" H
stage b
Turnkey Stage Kit - B
Add some texture to the backdrop.
3D panels combine to create a textured backdrop that takes light beautifully to enhance the look  of the stage and draw in the audience .
820"L x 40" D x 276" H
stage c
Turnkey Stage Kit - C
Showcase your digital content beyond the screens.
Having LED video panels incorporated into the backdrop allows for the digital content to be shown into entire stage set. Video content can freely flow from one screen to another.
820"L x 40" D x 276" H
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