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Medium Towers
Breakout Rooms

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In this meeting space theory turns into plans and actionable strategy.
  • Low Ceilings
  • Ambient Light is Bad for Projection
  • Limited Seating Capacity
  • Limited Power
Stage Kits x 2
Turkey Screen Kits
Don’t limit your seating capacity. Reduce your AV footprint.
Turnkey LED screen kits take up a fraction on the floor space in comparison to projection. 
Mosaic Feature Walls
The ultimate branding canvas.
Whether it’s a press conference room or sponsored breakout session, the mosaic feature wall creates the perfect backdrop.
Mosaic Wall & Turn Key Kits
Stage Kit with Screens 16:9
Low ceilings, pillars, ambient light? Meet your match.
With three popular screen sizes to chose from the stage kits will fit in any meeting space regardless of shape and size. 
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